Dragon Medical One (Upgrade from Dragon Medical Practice Edition)

Title: 7 Day Free Trial - Includes Live Introductory Session (Win 10 or 11)
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Upgrade Dragon Medical Practice Edition to Dragon Medical One for only $89 per month for a 1-year contract.

Sign up for a free 7-day DMO Test Drive and enter your Dragon Medical Practice Edition serial number in the comments box at checkout...

Canadian-hosted Dragon® Medical One (DMO) is the healthcare industry's leading cloud-based speech-recognition software for capturing the patient story.

This portable, flexible, secure and accurate app can boost medical staff efficiency to produce detailed medical documentation, from any location with internet access, up to 45% faster than manual typing.

  • Achieve impressive speech recognition accuracy with minimal effort.

  • Eliminate hours of repetitive dictation: Use the DMO AutoText feature to build a speech-activated library of frequently used text passages and voice-fillable templates.

  • Install the DMO client software on multiple workstations (at no additional charge) then log in to access your personal voice profile and begin dictating.

  • When you subscribe to DMO, a VocaLinks technician will help you export and migrate your custom Word List and AutoText commands from your old DMPE user profile to DMO. 

  • VocaLinks recommends using a good quality microphone for dictation with DMO. 

  • You may also use the PowerMic Mobile app (included with your DMO subscription) on your mobile phone as a wireless DMO microphone.  The DMO client software must be running on the destination PC in order to receive your live dictation.

All DMO subscriptions include a one-time Implementation Fee of C$578, in addition to an ongoing Subscription Fee.
The DMO dictation client software requires a computer or virtual machine running the Windows 10 or Windows 11 OS.

Dragon Medical One:
- Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Operating System
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (or higher) is required
- Processor Speed: Minimum 1.7Ghz | Recommended 2.8Ghz
- RAM: Minimum 512MB | Recommended: 2GB
- Internet Connection: 48 Kbps and higher

- Any microphone that can record audio data in 16kHz, 16-bit mono.

PowerMic Mobile App:
- iOS 9.3.5 or later
- Android 6 or later
- Requires Internet access through WiFi or cellular phone service provider.
- The PowerMic Mobile app (included) provides live audio input of dictation into DMO via mobile phone. The DMO client must be running on the destination PC in order to receive the dictation.

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