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MagniLink Vision Premium - Video Magnifier

MagniLink Vision Premium - Video Magnifier

This product is available through subscription. Contact us for subscription options and pricing.

MagniLink Vision Premium is an advanced video magnifier with an award- winning design*. It magnifies and enhances any text or picture with incredible results. The system is ergonomic and fully modular – each user may combine features and accessories to best suit their needs.

  • Clever design – form and function in harmony.Highly accessible – easy to handle and use.
  • Individually adaptable – meets every user’s needs.Great ergonomics – provides a better experience.
  • Great image quality – true HD/true Full HD.Clear illumination – dimmable for light-sensitive users.
  • Stable X/Y table A3 – silent and comfortable X/Y table made of aluminum with soft edges and separate friction brakes (optional).

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