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MathTalk/Scientific Notebook Bundle

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MathTalk™/Scientific Notebook™ V5.5 have learning modules for all levels of mathematics: pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics, and voice commands make creating documents seamless and easy.

MathTalk™ allows the user to voice any math including pre-algebra, algebra, trig, calculus, statistics, thru Ph.D. and graduate level into Scientific Notebook. This includes voicing graphs!

MathTalk™ includes & operates Scientific Notebook™ (SN) with over 600,000 combinations of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice commands.

Product Highlights

Scientific Notebook™ is a powerful math and science word processor. Powered by the MuPad™ computational engine, Scientific Notebook™ will evaluate, evaluate numerically, factor, combine, expand, simplify, check equality, solve exact and more and has GRAPHING capabilities.

Entering text and mathematics in Scientific Notebook is straightforward with a minimal learning curve. Formatting is fast, simple, and consistently done with tags that define document structure and appearance.

MathTalk/Scientific Notebook supports:

  • Intermediate/Senior level math - pre algebra, algebra, graphing, trig, calculus and statistics
  • Post Secondary math and science - including Ph.D and graduate studies

For Math and Science teachers MathTalk/Scientific Notebook is invaluable. Scientific Notebook integrates seamlessly with a SMART™ Interactive Whiteboard. Using the whiteboard and MathTalk/Scientific Notebook in the classroom allows teachers to produce interactive lessons, ideal for visual learners, as they teach. The SMART Board's recording feature adds power to your lesson by producing videoed notes for your students to reference. Add a wireless Bluetooth headset and you are completely hands free!

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