Plextalk PTN2

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The PTN2 is a fantastic way for you to enjoy your favorite audio titles, such as DAISY*1 Digital Talking Books, music CD’s, MP3 or WMA*2 CD’s, or audiobooks on CD.

The PTN2 satisfies both people who want the simple operations of the player, particularly for leisure readings, and people who need more complex navigation for professional use.

  • With a cover on the PTN2, the more complex navigation keys are hidden, so you can easily operate the play function.
  • When the cover is removed, you can operate additional functions, e.g. navigate a DAISY book by chapter, section, page, phrase, etc.

Comfortable listening

  • You can enjoy DAISY digital talking books at your preferred sound volume.
  • Using the navigation keys, you can select a specific page or chapter.
  • The voice speed and tonal quality can be adjusted for easier listening.
  • A bookmark can be placed wherever you desire to highlight a passage for reference.

Easy operation

  • Voice guidance will guide you in the operations of all functions.
  • With a cover, only a few keys appear on the PTN2, just like a cassette tape player.
  • Automatic bookmark numbering. You do not have to remember or choose a number for a new bookmark.

Other useful functions

  • The sleep timer function turns the PTN2 off by itself automatically at the time set.
  • DAISY books and other content on a CD disc can be backed up to an SD card or a USB device.
  • You can play a music CD, as well as play MP3 or WMA music files on an SD card or USB flash memory.
  • PTN2 supports text-based book playback by synthetic voices; DAISY textbooks, simple text, HTML, Windows doc.
  • PTN2 playbooks from major content providers in the U.S.A, NLS cartridge or BARD service, or Learning Ally books on a CD, SD card or USB memory.

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