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Claro Website Reader - Education

Claro Website Reader - Education

$1,095.00 CAD

Your website users - visitors, customers, staff, students – have to navigate and understand the pages, applications and documents you provide. Many have problems with reading, such as dyslexia. How can you help them get what they need and ensure your investment in your online presence meets quality and accessibility standards? 

Claro Website Reader brings up a reading toolbar on any page in your users’ web browser. The toolbar reads out any text on the page using high-quality synthesized speech in a range of accents and languages and highlights the text as it goes so the user can see where they are. If the user has a mouse, they can highlight any passage to hear it read aloud. This is a huge help for users who struggle with reading and comprehension: first, they can hear any text read aloud to help with understanding, and second, they can independently have it read aloud repeatedly until they comprehend it. More useful, more independence! 

Claro Website Reader uses subresource integrity (SRI) which will protect your site if our server is ever compromised.


  • Works on any modern browser – Chrome, Safari, Edge – and on any modern device – Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and iPhone, Android.  
  • Supports many major languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.  
  • Activate with a simple button click or automatically, all styled as your website requires.  
  • Stays on (or off) as users traverse your website, no need to reload for each page.  
  • Simple click to close so users are not stuck in a special “accessibility mode”, reducing frustration.  
  • Click on a sentence and click play and hear the page read out from that point in the first voice that matches the language of the web page. 
  • Drag and select text and hear it read aloud. 
  • Claro Website Reader supports many different voices for different languages which can be selected in settings. 
  • The toolbar is docked to the bottom of the webpage on mobile devices so that you can always access the toolbar even when traversing the webpage. 
  • Multiple voice settings such as speed, volume and pitch (for supported voices) to customise the voices even more to your preference. 
  • Claro Website Reader includes a dictionary feature that supports the English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and Swedish languages. 
  • Claro Website Reader includes an overlay feature which allows you to tint the browser screen to a colour and opacity of your choice. 
  • Screen Ruler and Underline have been brought to Claro Website Reader which allows you to read the text on screen line by line or you can focus on a portion of the webpage. 
  • Multi-highlighting has been included to allow word highlighting along with sentence highlighting. 

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