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ClaroRead Plus for Mac - Trial

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ClaroRead Plus for Mac is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility for all ages and abilities, ClaroRead aids concentration and increases confidence.

Scan and Convert Files

With ClaroRead Plus, the powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology means that any paper document or PDF file becomes accessible. Textbooks, photocopies and handouts are easily converted into Microsoft Word documents, Pages documents or accessible PDF files. The text can be spoken out loud by ClaroRead or edited. PDF files can also be unlocked and edited.

Also includes the following features:

  • Save to Audio - convert any text into an audio file
  • Spell Check - spell check any text in any application, whether a web page, word document or PDF
  • ScreenRuler Screen Tinting - highlight or underline parts of the screen
  • ClaroCapture Essay Writing Tool - collect text, audio and images from any document or web page, and group it as a project file
  • Word prediction - ClaroRead uses a customizable prediction dictionary consisting of the most frequently used words in the English language

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