SpeechWare FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid Microphone - 2nd Generation

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The SpeechWare 2nd Generation Single Ear Cardioid FlexyMike is an ultra-light microphone that hooks over one ear. It is well-suited to professional speech recognition and other voice-input applications.

This new model features an additional loop in the titanium microphone boom that provides a remarkably high level of stability by resting just inside the antihelix of the outer ear (check the photos on the left to see how this works). This counteracts the usual tendency of ear-hook headsets to “flap” outward and away from the wearer’s face.

The microphone boom may be bent into a curve to bring the tip of the microphone into position close to the wearer’s mouth. A rubber spacer on the boom may be positioned to rest against the cheek so that the microphone capsule doesn’t come into contact with the wearer’s face.

The cardioid pickup pattern of the microphone is very effective at limiting the amount of background noise that is relayed to the computer. Despite its small size, this FlexyMike was a top performer for speech recognition accuracy in our VocaLinks Extreme Noise Torture Tests when used with Dragon Professional v15. It provided us with 96.9% accuracy when dictating with very challenging levels of background noise.

This microphone is quite sensitive at close range, and if positioned less than 2cm/0.79 in. from the wearer’s mouth it may trigger a “Microphone volume too high” alert in Dragon. If this happens, simply re-position the tip of the microphone boom a little further away from the face and run another audio check.

The integral 1m/3.2 ft. microphone cable ends in a 3.5mm microphone plug intended to plug into a dedicated microphone socket on a computer sound card or USB audio adapter. A 2m/6.6’ extension cable is provided to allow the cable to be plugged into the back of a computer positioned a few feet away from the wearer. The plugs and socket on these cables are gold-plated to ensure optimal contact and sound quality.

This microphone also includes a spare foam windscreen and a small clip that may be used to attach the microphone cable to the wearer’s clothing. All of these pieces fit, along with the microphone, into a small zippered carrying case.

There is no earphone built into this headset, so we recommend that computer users adjust their sound settings to route audio output through external (or built-in) speakers.

Important Note:

For speech recognition use, we recommend using this microphone with a USB adapter such as the selectable-range full-duplex SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter or the half-duplex Speechware MikeAdapter


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