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Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Docking Station

$179.00 CAD

Speed up your workflow with wireless charging and easy pairing

The stable and innovative docking station for the SpeechMike Premium Air provides wireless high-speed charging and easy pairing. Users can be flexible and work with various docking stations in different places. With an optional foot control connected, the docking station enables hands-free recording.

Multi-Room Portability

The SpeechMike Premium Air has been engineered to provide professionals such as doctors with a wireless, handheld, speech-recognition-quality microphone that may be carried between workstations in different rooms or buildings and may be quickly synchronized to the current workstation prior to use. Once a Philips SpeechMike Premium Air Docking Station has been connected to each computer via USB, and the Philips Device Control Centre software has been installed, the same SpeechMike may be used wirelessly at any of the workstations.  Here’s how:

The user briefly sets the SpeechMike Premium Air microphone into the Docking Station.  A moment later a beep sounds, signalling that the SpeechMike microphone, touchpad and customizable buttons are now communicating with the computer.  The microphone is ready to be picked up for wireless use.

In multi-room environments such as medical clinics, doctors may opt to carry a SpeechMike Premium Air with them as they move from room-to-room. They simply set their SpeechMike in the Docking Station at the current computer, wait a few seconds for the beep, and then pick the microphone up out of the dock. It will be ready to be used wirelessly with that computer. 

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