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Philips Dictation & Speech Recognition

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From the No. 1 in Professional Dictation

VocaLinks is a Philips Certified Master Digital Center and offers Philips SpeechExec Technical Certified training and support.

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With Philips comprehensive speech-to-text solutions, the needs of all users in a dictation environment are met and satisfied. Their outstanding reputation for quality and reliability has made them number one in the professional dictation market. Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) is the only full solution provider for all speech-to-text needs, such as software, hardware and services, from one strong global brand. Practical technology, sophisticated yet simple, allows you to enhance your working environment and simply work smarter.

Philips knows that no two organizations are alike. Therefore, their range of professional dictation solutions is built on established corporate core requirements and can be easily combined and customized with additional features and modules. They redefine the role of dictation in your organization and make their solutions the key to letting you work the way you want to.

Enterprise Digital Dictation and Transcription: SpeechExec Enterprise dictation workflow solution facilitates communication by linking authors and transcriptionists. All workflow settings, as well as the hardware input devices, can be centrally administrated and configured. Philips Enterprise Solution is Citrix and VMware ready, making the installation process easier and more convenient for both users’ and IT administrators’.

Professional Digital Dictation and Transcription: Designed for individuals or small office Philips SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software links authors and transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a foot control.