VoiceComputer, an add-on for Dragon, elevates Dragon to a whole new level of user-friendly simplicity and hand-free accessibility.

VoiceComputer's Compute by Numbers Speech Interface for Dragon, makes speech recognition easy to use. To tell your computer what you want to do, simply say the number (using Intags) of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.

Intags superimpose numbers on Window controls and your application's menus and controls.

  • need to right click – say “right click<#>
  • need to drag a file to a specific folder – say “drag <#> to <#>
  • need to save a file – just follow the numbers
VoiceComputer interface in Microsoft Outlook

Add simple and complete accessibility with Dragon to your email, to navigate through your files and folders, to surf the web, control your desktop, access your company’s proprietary applications or navigate your Netflix queue and Facebook.

VoiceComputer requires the Dragon to be installed on your computer

Already have Dragon? Purchase VoiceComputer separately.

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