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Jabra (Microphones, Headsets & Conferencing)

Professional. Affordable. Durable.

Finding the right Jabra headset can be tricky. All Jabra headsets and headphones come with a microphone, letting you make calls as well as listen to music and movies. Beyond that, there’s a wide assortment of headsets and headphones for every imaginable need.

Optimized for office environments. This range of headsets and microphones work out of the box with leading UC platforms and Dragon Speech Recognition. Contact VocaLinks expert sales team to discuss your individual headset needs.

Noise-cancelling headsets: Made for loud open offices, noise-cancelling headsets are designed to block background noise and help you focus. They offer passive noise cancellation that filters out high-frequency noise. Higher-end models also incorporate active noise cancellation technology, ideal for use with Dragon Speech Recognition software. 

Wired headsets: Wired headsets connect directly to your computer via USB. Many models are made to withstand prolonged use with durable Kevlar cords and a boom arm that can rotate 360 degrees without snapping. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and have special noise-cancelling microphones that ensure the highest quality speech recognition. 

Wireless headsets: Wireless headsets use Bluetooth or DECT technology to connect to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Most models connect to multiple devices at the same time, letting you easily switch between making calls on your smartphone or work PC. Some are equipped with a special base and a touchscreen that lets you manage your calls.