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Medical Dictation Tools and Services

Keep your practice up-to-date with the latest medical dictation and transcription solutions

VocaLinks is committed to helping healthcare professionals maximize efficiency and accuracy in the entry of patient notes and healthcare-related communications. We offer a portfolio of high-quality tools and services and back them up with task-specific training and knowledgeable technical support.

Medical Speech Recognition:

Nuance is the undisputed leader in medical speech recognition.  VocaLinks is proud to be accredited as a full-service Nuance Dragon Medical One reseller.

From initial onboarding, to creation and fine-tuning of AutoText templates, to deploying custom vocabulary and automating repetitive keyboard shortcuts, our team can help you capture your patient stories with greater speed and higher accuracy than ever before!

Microphones and Webcams:

In this era of medical speech recognition and telemedicine, VocaLinks can help you select audio and video hardware that will ensure optimal sound and image quality.  We offer best-of-breed microphone and camera products from companies that include Philips, Jabra, NuanceAcoustic Magic and SpeechWare.

Dictation Recording and Transcription:

Despite the trend toward direct dictation onto EMR software, there is still a need to capture recorded dictation, along with a process for transcribing those recordings into text.  VocaLinks offers a full range of Philips dictation and transcription solutions, including the SpeechLive web-based transcription workflow with optional speech recognition and live transcription-on-demand services.

Training and Support

Every new technology introduces a new learning curve.  Our Training and Support team at VocaLinks is dedicated to getting you up and running with your new tools and services as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day workflow. Let us work with you to plan the implementation, training and roll-out of your technology solution.