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SonicCloud Enterprise Desktop Audio Personalization for Windows & MacOS

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Make Remote Work Hearing-Accessible with SonicCloud

SonicCloud Enterprise is a powerful computer-based hearing aid application for your Windows or MacOS computer that allows you to enhance and personalize all the sound output that plays through your headset or earbuds.  This is especially useful if you have mild to profound hearing loss.

With the global shift to remote work and education, people and teams worldwide are communicating and collaborating on video conference platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx and Google Meet.

The makers of SonicCloud Enterprise understand how this change in work habits can be doubly challenging for people with hearing loss. These challenges include:

  • Voices in conference calls and online training are often muddied, muffled or distant
  • Speaker accents can be particularly challenging
  • Cognitive load increases from the stress of trying to understand
  • Headsets are challenging to use in conjunction with hearing aids
  • The speaker is not always providing visual cues
  • Compromised ability to hear clearly interferes with efficiency and effectiveness of the team
  • Productivity metrics rely on clear and efficient communication

SonicCloud Enterprise is easy to use in conjunction with videoconferencing. Using conventional headphones and earbuds, SonicCloud gives users an extra boost in audio richness, clarity and customization that quickly and seamlessly increases speech understanding.

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Why not try SonicCloud for Free!  Choose "Free Trial" from the "Term" list above, then click "Add to Cart".

Transforming Sound to Maximize Speech Understanding

SonicCloud’s speech intelligibility algorithm brings out unprecedented clarity while maintaining a completely natural sound quality. The SonicCloud Enterprise proprietary signal processing and patented self-tuning capabilities deliver unrivalled, personalized speech understanding across the entire spectrum of hearing ability.

SonicCloud Enterprise Desktop Audio Personalization Features:

  • Audio clarity and richness to provide unparalleled speech understanding for all audio on your computer including video conferencing, online learning, etc.
  • Intuitive situational tuning gives user the ability to make adjustments to suit the listening environment, voices, accents, or technical anomalies
  • Provide all users with “Sample Profiles” to instantly cover a broad range of hearing ability
  • Seamlessly provides personalized hearing processing in conjunction with headsets
  • Reduce stress of cognitive load —> Increase ease of understanding
  • Increase effective team communication and efficiency —> productivity

Click here to watch Dr. Oz feature SonicCloud in an 8 minute video!

Why not try SonicCloud for Free! Choose "Free Trial" from the "Term" list above, then click "Add to Cart".

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SonicCloud Enterprise subscriptions are available for Windows and MacOS.

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