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SpeechWare Foot Switch
SpeechWare SpeechWare Foot Switch
Sale price$65.00 CAD
SpeechWare HD Video Camera for TableMike
SpeechWare TableMike Wall and Desk Mount
SpeechWare TabletMike with iOS/Android Adapter
SpeechWare TravelMike 2nd Generation USB MicrophoneSpeechWare TravelMike 2nd Generation USB Microphone
SpeechWare USB MultiAdapter
Save $150.00 CAD
Image of a women walking with a cane wearing a Sunu BandImage of a Sunu Band
SUNU Sunu Band
Sale price$149.00 CAD Regular price$299.00 CAD
Superior Onsite Technical Support - Full Day
Superior Onsite Technical Support - Half Day
Superior Remote Coaching & Support - Hourly
Image of The One Amplified StethoscopeImage of The One Amplified Stethoscope with earbuds
Upgrade Inspiration for Windows v9 to v10Upgrade Inspiration for Windows v9 to v10
VoiceComputer For DragonVoiceComputer For Dragon
VoiceTeach VoiceComputer For Dragon
Sale price$399.00 CAD
Image of Williams Sound Induction Neckloop
Image of ZoomText Magnifier box

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