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MagniLink Voice II Reading Machine

$2,524.00 CAD

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The MAGNILINK VOICE II is a user-friendly reading machine designed with emphasis in three areas: simplicity and ease of use, high performance to out-perform similar devices on the market, and contemporary design – it fits exceedingly well in an office, school, or home.

MagniLink Voice II is extremely easy to use. Put the text in place under the camera, press the large orange button, and a few seconds later the user will hear the text read aloud – it’s that simple.

The MagniLink Voice II includes many adjustable settings, allowing the user to customize the reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices, and light. 

Optional items available - email Tony Silli or phone 647-725-1090 for further details:

  • Monitor output - allows scanned text to be presented on an external monitor, adding a visual display of the text being read aloud, thereby increasing reading comprehension
  • Preinstalled MagniLink voice battery - Gives you up to 5 hours of portable use for increased portability

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