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Read&Write for Work Annual Subscription

$281.00 CAD

Drive diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Through the use of Read&Write software, we help employers to attract, retain and nurture employees of all capabilities. And create a culture where differences are celebrated.

What is Read&Write for Work?

Read&Write for Work is an easy to use toolbar that helps employees with everyday literacy tasks. It allows all staff to work with more confidence, accuracy and efficiency. For those with hidden disabilities (e.g. Dyslexia), ESL or low literacy, Read&Write polishes the skills they already have. It helps them to complete complex tasks and increases their confidence and productivity.

Read&Write for Work helps you to:

Create a more inclusive workplace culture
Support neurodiverse employees, older employees, those with low literacy skills, and those who speak English as a second language. Help them to polish the skills they already have. Increase understanding and retention. And, remove barriers to complex tasks.

Support neurodiversity in an evolving workspace
Provide workplace accommodations and support staff with hidden disabilities, such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD. Read&Write for Work allows staff to self-identify what tools support them best. It empowers neurodiverse employees to maintain focus and flow. And removes distractions. Helping them to digest information easier and pick up mistakes a lot quicker.

Empower greater productivity for all
Improve productivity and support task completion for all employees. Compile information with ease. Process large documents on the go. Turn paper documents into accessible digital formats. Help empower your workforce with efficient processes.

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