Large Print Keyboard Stickers

Colour: White letters on black background
Sale price$39.00 CAD

Large Print Keyboard Stickers are an economical and easy way to create a high visibility keyboard with oversized letters. The result is a keyboard that is ideal for someone who is visually impaired. The stickers come on die cut sheets for a simple peel-and-stick installation.

Product Features

The opaque stickers cover the entire top of the key. The set includes stickers for all alphanumeric keys, numeric keypad, and function keys. The opaque stickers cover the key completely to hide the original print on the key. Additional stickers are included for different key sizes, including the Ctrl, Alt, and other keys.

The stickers are designed to fit standard PC desktop and laptop computer keyboards. If necessary, the stickers can be trimmed with scissors prior to application.

  • White letters on black background
  • Black letters on beige background
  • Black letters on yellow background

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