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Jabra Evolve 30 II UC USB Headset

$99.00 CAD

The Jabra Evolve 30 II is a professional headset designed to improve conversations. The Jabra EVOLVE 30 II headset creates a complete concentration zone around you in a noisy, open office – so you can stay focused on the job.

  • Noise-cancelling mic - State-of-the-art, noise-cancelling microphone eliminates background noise. Your conversation partner won’t struggle to hear what you’re saying.
  • Plug-and-play setup - Works out of the box with all leading systems. Installation is as easy as simply plugging it in.
  • Intuitive control unit for ease of use - Provides easy access to common functions, such as answering or ending calls, controlling volume, and muting conversations.
  • Made for voice and music - World-class speakers are built for both voice and music. Switch easily between conversations and listening to your favourite tracks.
  • Passive noise cancellation - Simply wear the headset to eliminate high-frequency noise, such as human voices - all thanks to the specially designed ear cushions. We call this “passive noise cancellation.”
  • Easy call management - In-line call controller gives you easy access with large buttons and LED indicators. Pick up or end calls, control volume, or simply mute the line.

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