Inspiration 10 Dragon Edition

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Inspiration Dragon Edition is now available!

Control Inspiration with your voice. 
Inspiration Dragon Edition allows users to control Inspiration and compose text using natural speech commands, rather than having to remember specific keyboard commands.

Key features

  • The Inspiration Dragon Command Pack contains 200+ custom commands specific to Inspiration 10.
  • Simple process to import custom commands into Dragon Professional.
  • Includes access to online training videos to get users started using Inspiration 10 with Dragon Professional.

Visual Thinking Tools for Academic and Workplace Success

Simple to use, but powerful in the impact it has on users, Inspiration 10 is the ideal visual thinking tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, graphic organizers, outlines and presentations with ease!

Inspiration's visual mapping tool makes it easy to quickly capture ideas and visually organize them to communicate concepts and strengthen understanding.

Transfer a visual diagram to a written outline in just one click, perfect for structuring writing plans for papers and reports.

Inspiration 10 Keyboard Shortcut and Dragon Commands Guide

Inspiration 10 is designed to be used by everyone, but is particularly beneficial for users who:

• Have difficulty with short term memory, retaining and processing information.
• Get distracted when there is too much text to deal with.
• Find it challenging to express ideas in writing.
• Struggle with the structure and layout of essays.
• Often have to take extended recovery breaks from working to alleviate symptoms (e.g. mental health difficulties).
• Have difficulties organizing ideas and remaining focused long enough to get ideas written down (e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorder or mental health difficulties).
• Find it hard to develop and deliver presentations.

Inspiration 10.1 is here!
This is a free update for existing Inspiration 10 and Inspiration RD users.

Citation Tool and Bibliography Generator

Inspiration 10's new Citation tool allows users to add multiple references to symbols and branches on a visual map, along with the relevant hyperlink for each. Inspiration 10 will then automatically collect and alphabetically organise all the citations into a dedicated Bibliography section within the Outline View. Users can then preview before exporting.

Transfer Tool: Copy to Clipboard

The new copy to clipboard option allows diagrams and outlines to be quickly pasted into apps, such as Google Docs and Microsoft OneNote, using the Transfer tool - the same way users could always transfer their Inspiration files into a Word document.

Sync Tool Added to Map View

Previously only in Diagram View, the Sync tool will match the way you order your visual view to the Outline View. Without using this tool, the outline will be organised in the order you enter and link ideas. However, you may rearrange your map and want your outline to reflect your order of thinking. Using the Sync tool between Map and Outline View means first-level topics will be organised following a clockwise order, with further subtopics ordered top to bottom.

Export Style Headings

Style headings will apply to Inspiration 10 outlines when they are transferred to Word or copied to clipboard. This means the document works a lot like Outline View, as topic content can be minimised to allow users to focus on a particular section. Style headings also mean screen readers recognise headings and body text.

Work Focused Templates

50 work focused templates will be made available to open in Inspiration 10 from the Templates library. As well as being suitable for the workplace, many students will find relevant templates to subjects such as business and marketing.

In addition...

Inspiration 10.1 is Windows 11 ready, is even smaller to install and has better 4K resolution support!

So, how can you update?

Existing Inspiration 10 users will be able to upgrade to this version for free, as well as any version 9 users who received their Inspiration licence in or after January 2020. Existing users will be prompted to download the latest version via email. At the same time as the Windows release, these features will also appear in our cloud solution for Macs and Chromebooks - Inspiration RD.

Operating System Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE (32/ 64 bit)

Minimum Hardware Specification

Inspiration 10 consumes low CPU and memory when running. It also has a small hard drive storage footprint once installed - 227MB. The installer file to download is 169MB. As a rule of thumb, if the device can run Windows successfully, Inspiration 10 will be fine to run on the device.

Other Requirements

Windows Media Player is required to enable playback of embedded videos.
Administrator rights are required to install Inspiration 10.

Network Installations

For volume licence agreements (5+ computer licences) and site licences, an MSI is available, as well as a silent installation option.

There are two editions to choose from after purchasing a licence:

• Inspiration 10 - with built-in US English spell checker and thesaurus
• Inspiration 10 IE - with built-in UK English spell checker and thesaurus

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