Equatio: Create Accessible Digital Math, Chemistry or Physics - Annual Subscription

Subscription Plan: Equatio Academic - 1 yr. Subscription
Sale price$150.00 CAD
Equatio makes math and STEM classes more accessible and engaging for every student.

Provide choice for your students

Equatio gives your students the opportunity to show their mastery in math, in a way that best suits them. They can speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device.

Make math accessible

Equatio brings math out of the pen and paper era. By moving to digital instruction, Equatio makes math more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their math read aloud to them.

Help visualize math problems

Students and educators can create and customize graphs with Equatio. Powered by Desmos graphing calculator, Equatio helps students to visualize and explore a written equation.

EQUATION EDITOR: Create your math and science expressions by typing right into the editor. Use Prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, chemical symbols, and more.

SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR: Access the Desmos Scientific Calculator for basic sums, trigonometry, roots, functions, exponents and more.

EQUATIO MOBILE: all the tools for digital math, right at your fingertips, on a mobile device or iPad.

SCREENSHOT READER: Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable math with the Equatio Screenshot Reader.

HANDWRITING RECOGNITION: Handwrite math expressions using a touchscreen device or mouse pointer.

GRAPH EDITOR: Create and customize single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points and more, with this tool powered by Desmos graphing calculator.

EQUATIO MATHSPACE: a web-based tool that allows math learners to work freely in a digital space with equations, shapes, and freehand drawings.

LATEX EDITOR: Equatio’s technology has taken the hard work out of creating and editing LaTeX expressions.

STEM TOOLS: Equatio is not just for math educators. We’ve got tools for science teachers too. With a chemical formula writer, periodic table, and more.

SPEECH INPUT: Dictate equations and formulas aloud. Equatio understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions.

• Access to all premium features
• Works with Windows & macOS
• Works with Google Classroom, Canvas, Brightspace D2L & Schoology

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