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Showing 25 - 44 of 44 products
Image of Jabra Link 950 SwitchImage of Jabra Link 950 Switch back view
Jabra Jabra Link 950 Switch
Sale price$225.00 CAD
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Image of Jabra Link 950 AC Power Adapter
Jabra Jabra Link 950 Power Adapter
Sale price$20.00 CAD
Image of Jabra Link 180 SwitchImage of Jabra Link 180 Switch
Jabra Jabra Link 180 Switch
Sale price$99.00 CAD
Image of Dragon Professional v15 Individual box
ClaroRead Pro for PCClaroRead Pro for PC
Claro Software ClaroRead Pro for PC
Sale price$349.00 CAD
Image of the OrCam Read Smart reading deviceImage of the OrCam Read Smart reading device
OrCam OrCam Read-Smart
Sale price$2,595.00 CAD
Image of The One Amplified StethoscopeImage of The One Amplified Stethoscope with earbuds
Image of Pocketalker 2.0 Personal Sound AmplifierPocketalker 2.0 Personal Sound Amplifier and headphones
Image of Williams Sound Induction Neckloop
Microsoft Ergonomic KeyboardMicrosoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Simeon RangerSimeon Ranger
Image of Sprek Personal AmplificationImage of women wearing the Sprek Personal Amplification lanyard
Image of a women carrying the Tote bag for Omnipanel
Image of the Sprek Complete System Carry Bag
Image of the Sprek Transdermal Microphone

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