SpeechWare TabletMike with iOS/Android Adapter

Sale price$120.00 CAD
The newly released SpeechWare "TabletMike" is a small rotating and swiveling microphone which includes the same highly sensitive and accurate microphone element used in the acclaimed Speechware TableMike series and the recently updated TravelMike. It comes as a bundle and includes the following:
  • Microphone with highly sensitive and directional element. Microphone has a 3.5 mm audio plug and swiveling tip
  • Foam windscreen (optional for distant use, ideal for close-range use)
  • Small adapter to allow use in iOS and Android devices
This product is intended primarily for mobile device users requiring a more accurate and directional microphone than the on-board microphone and is compatible a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac (if interfacing with a USB adapter), iOS and Android.

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