What is a Graphic Organizer?

A graphic organizer is a visual display that demonstrates relationships between facts, concepts, or ideas. It guides the user's thinking as they build up and fill in the graphic organizer.

Graphic organizers are varied in form and use, appearing as flow charts, webs, Venn diagrams, compare and contrast diagrams, etc. As such, they can deal with a single, or multiple main ideas and can illustrate the various connections and relationships between these ideas.

Inspiration Mind Mapping Software is designed to be used by everyone, but is particularly beneficial for users who:
  • Have difficulty with short term memory, retaining and processing information. 
  • Get distracted when there is too much text to deal with.
  • Find it challenging to express ideas in writing.
  • Struggle with the structure and layout of report writing.
  • Often have to take extended recovery breaks from working to alleviate symptoms.
  • Have difficulties organizing ideas and remaining focused long enough to get ideas written down (e.g. neurodivergence such ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder or learning disabilities).
  • Find it hard to develop and deliver presentations.

For more information download the Inspiration for Workplace pdf or see the Inspiration Software Editions on our product pages.

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