Nuance User Management Center VLA (25+ users) - Annual Subscription

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Fully scalable central management

With Nuance Management Center, administrators can centrally manage the following at the user, site, group or enterprise-wide level.
• User accounts and profiles
• Administrative settings
• User options
• Custom commands
• Custom words
In addition, Nuance Management Center is fully scalable to support any number of licenses as your organization grows and evolves.

Usage reporting
With Nuance Management Center’s usage reporting features, business leaders can evaluate how often Dragon Group products are being used and by whom. These usage trends provide valuable insights for reassigning licenses, optimizing training for underutilized features and driving higher documentation productivity across the organization. Data can be searched based on selected filters and exported for further spreadsheet analysis. Business leaders can easily evaluate return on investment (ROI) by reviewing how often and in what ways Dragon is being used by employees. Because only usage data—not dictation data—is sent to the server for tracking, businesses don’t have to worry about the security of dictation content.

License management
With central license management, IT administrators can manage licenses or subscriptions—at a glance—any time after Dragon deployment is complete. They can, for example, view the number of licenses used and license expiration dates, as well as grant or revoke user licenses. Central license management also helps organizations with mandated reporting workflows to easily meet strict requirements for reporting efficiency and accuracy.

Dragon requirements
In order to take advantage of the Nuance Management Center, you must have a license or subscription for the latest version of a Dragon Group client installed on users’ desktops or devices.

Security measures for client data or confidential information used in Dragon cloud based products, such as Dragon Anywhere or Nuance User Management Center, include:

• Any synchronization of Dragon Anywhere with the central server, for all communication is over HTTPS using 256-bit encryption
• All user accounts are password protected
• Dragon Anywhere does not access content on your device such as contacts or your location
• The Nuance User Management Center database stores no recognition data in the database
• Each corporate customer’s recognition data is partitioned from our other customers in the data center
• Dragon solutions are backed by HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud’s proven and comprehensive security policies

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