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SonicCloud Enterprise - Hearing Aid Application for PC & Mac



The World Health Organization projects 1 in 4 people globally will have some form of hearing loss by 2050.

In Canada, an estimated 19% of adults (4.6 million) have at least mild hearing loss in the speech-frequency range (0.5, 1, 2 and 4 kHz). Note A

In contrast to the prevalence of hearing loss among Canadian adults, just 4% (867,000) of Canadian adults self-reported some level of hearing impairment. Note B

Hearing clearly is a key factor for the success of remote workers who rely on computers to communicate with colleagues and customers, especially for those with hearing loss.

Primary hearing-related challenges in remote work environments:

  • Voices on conference calls and online training are often muddied, muffled or distant
  • Speaker accents can be particularly challenging
  • The person speaking is not always providing visual cues
  • Cognitive load increases from the stress of trying to understand
  • Challenging to use headsets in conjunction with hearing aids
  • Compromised ability to hear clearly interferes with efficiency and effectiveness of the team
  • Productivity metrics rely on clear and efficient communication

What is SonicCloud?

SonicCloud is audio personalization software that enhances the sound playing through headphones and earbuds connected to computers and mobile devices to improve speech understanding.

SonicCloud can enhance sound output from almost any app on Windows and MacOS computers including:

Online Meetings

IP SoftPhone Calls


Audio/Video Players


Introducing SonicCloud Enterprise

SonicCloud Enterprise supports Employees, Educators, Students and Telehealth Professionals who rely on video conferencing and softphone platforms for work or school.

The Enterprise edition of SonicCloud includes "Sample Profiles" which can be quickly selected based on the user's hearing ability -- whether they have “normal” hearing , or mild to profound hearing loss -- and used as a starting point to immediately enhance all the audio output on the user's Windows 10 or MacOS computer.
Just pick a Sample Profile and the app will enhance all audio output on your computer:

SonicCloud Mac Controls are shown above
Want clearer voices?
Have Moderate hearing loss with trouble in the high pitches?
There’s a Sample Profile for that!
You also have full control to make any adjustments, while you listen:

SonicCloud Windows Controls are shown above  

SonicCloud Enterprise is available for Windows 10 and MacOS computers.

Contact us at 1-877-410-0342 or to arrange a complimentary consult.

The Science of SonicCloud

SonicCloud’s Breakthrough Solution

The SonicCloud team has worked with world class experts in digital signal processing, auditory neuroscience, and hearing loss to develop a technology that automatically enhances the way you hear.


Transforming Sound to Maximize Speech Understanding

SonicCloud’s speech intelligibility algorithm brings out exceptional clarity while maintaining a completely natural sound quality. The proprietary SonicCloud signal processing and patented self-tuning capabilities deliver unrivaled, personalized speech understanding across the entire spectrum of hearing ability.


SonicCloud Enterprise Desktop Audio Personalization Features:

·      Audio clarity and richness to provide unparalleled speech understanding for all audio on your computer including video conferencing, online learning, etc.

·      Intuitive situational tuning gives user the ability to make adjustments to suit the listening environment, voices, accents, or technical anomalies

·      Provide all users with “Sample Profiles” to instantly cover a broad range of hearing ability

·      Seamlessly provides personalized hearing processing in conjunction with headsets and earbuds

·      Reduce stress of cognitive load —> Increase ease of understanding

·      Increase effective team communication and efficiency —> productivity


Contact us at 1-877-410-0342 or to arrange a complimentary consult.

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