Dragon Professional 16.0 VLA Levels AA/A (1 -25 users)

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Work better, faster and smarter with accurate dictation and transcription

Speed and simplify document creation.
• Don’t let heavy documentation demands impact productivity, costs or client service. Employees can dictate documents 3 times faster than typing with 99% recognition accuracy, right from the first use.
• And since documents are created in a fraction of the time it would typically take typing by hand, they spend less time on paperwork, and more time on profitable tasks.

Streamline repetitive or manual processes.
• Having to type repetitive content or perform multi-step tasks is a drain on productivity.
• With its powerful voice command capabilities, Dragon makes it easy to automate these tasks. For example, create custom voice commands to insert standard boilerplate text or signatures into documents. Or create time-saving macros to automate multi-step workflows by voice. Once created, share them with other Dragon users

Add custom words to meet your business needs.
• While Dragon comes with an expansive built-in vocabulary, it can also be personalized to include the industry-specific terms or acronyms your employees use daily.
• Once custom words or word lists have been created and added, share them across the user community. The result: even higher dictation accuracy and faster document turnaround.

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs.
• Reduce dependencies on outsourced transcription services or eliminate transcription bottlenecks.
• Using Dragon, employees can transcribe recorded notes or voice files of another single speaker into text quickly and easily back at the PC. Dragon’s Auto Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA) also makes it easy to transcribe batch files of audio recordings for additional time and cost savings.

Improve mobile documentation and reporting.
• Dragon’s seamless synchronization across PCs, iOS and Android devices through the cloud means mobile employees or field workers can keep up with documentation from any location.
• Use Dragon on popular touchscreen PCs, or sync with Dragon Anywhere Group, Nuance’s cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, and complete and share work wherever business takes you.

Central user administration made easy.
• The Nuance Management Center makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage, and manage or share customizations, including custom words, commands, and auto-texts, across multiple users.

System Requirements
Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32- and 64- bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2, and Server 2016 (64-bit)
RAM: Minimum 4GB

Easy Deployment, Customization And Management
Use the Nuance Management Center for centralized administration, including usage tracking and license management, across multiple users to save time and reduce support costs.

Citrix® Virtualized Environments
Deploy on Citrix XenApp® or Citrix XenDesktop® servers where the target application resides, enabling users to dictate from workstations that do not have Dragon installed on them.

Accessibility And Reporting Compliance
With all its shared customization capabilities, Dragon can be easily adapted as needed to meet stringent compliance requirements for accessibility or reporting.

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